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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an international phone call?

Which years are leap years?

Why do we have leap years?

How many days are there in February?

How do you make international phone calls?

To call from one country to another, press:

international exit code+country code+ local number
  1. To place a phone call to another country, you need to first dial the international exit code for the country where you are located. For most countries this code is '00' but not in every country. If you are calling from a mobile phone, use the symbol '+' instead of the international exit code.
  2. You then need to dial the code for the country to which you want to call.
  3. Finally, dial the local number that you wish to call. In some countries the numbers are divided by areas. If this is the case in the country you wish to call to, you need to dial the area code before the local number. Note that in some countries the local number starts with '0' and that this digit must be omitted when calling from another country.

Which years are leap years?

A year is a leap year if it is divisible by 4, except for the last year in every century (years divisible by 100), that in order to be leap years, also should be divisable by 400.

The following years were leap years: 1892, 1896, 1904 y 1908. However, 1900 was not a leap year since it is divisible by 100.

The rule about 400 was used for the year 2000 but it will not be applied again until year 2400.

Why do we have leap years?

We have leap years in order to keep the calendar synchronized with the seasons of the year.

This is because the round trip the earth makes around the sun lasts a bit less than 365.25 days.

Without the leap years, the seasons would move a bit every year with respect to the calendar.

How many days does February have?

February is the only month that has a variable number of days.

In a normal year, February has 28 days while in leap years it has 29.